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What Women Want: Top 20 Things That'll Make Any Girl Feel Like a Million Bucks

Update Date: Jun 19, 2013 05:26 PM EDT

A new study reveals some of the things that make women feel good about themselves.

Researchers found that the average woman spends more than $20,000 in her lifetime on beauty products to feel better about herself. However, the same study finds that the best feel-good factors are the ones that don't cost any money at all.

A compliment from a friend or partner was the biggest confidence booster, followed by having perfect hair and looking good in pictures, according to the study.

The study revealed that having a good night's sleep, a cuddle, being told "I love you" and a smile from a stranger were also guaranteed to make a woman feel happy about herself, according to the Daily Mail.

The survey, which involved 2,000 women, found that four out of ten women get an immediate confidence boost if they look good in a photograph.  Another 40 percent say they feel great after getting a night of good sleep.

Forty-two percent of women feel better about themselves when they step outside with silky smooth legs, while 33 percent feel great if they are told they look young.

The study found that while 60 percent of women follow a strict beauty regime to ensure they leave the house feeling confident, 38 percent only need a cuddle from a child, partner, relative or friend to feel good for the rest of the day.

The survey for the Ready To Glow campaign found that a third of women love the feeling of coming back from vacation with a great tan. Women also get an esteem boost when others ask them where they bought something and when they go to the salon to have their nails done, eyebrows plucked or hair done.

The survey also found that a bad night's sleep is the worst when it comes to damaging a woman's confidence. Waking up with messy hair and bad skin makes 40 percent of women feel terrible, and 38 percent of women get depressed if someone overestimates their age.

Not being able to attend a social gathering, being referred to as "Mom" at work and getting home to find food stuck between their teeth can also lower a woman's confidence, according to the study. 

Top 20 Confidence Boosters for Women

1.     Receiving a compliment from a friend or partner

2.     Having perfect hair or a new cut or color

3.     Looking good in a photograph

4.     Having smooth legs

5.     A good night's sleep

6.     Being cuddled

7.     Being told 'I love you'

8.     Returning from a holiday with a great tan

9.     A smile from a stranger

10. New underwear

11. Being told they look younger than their age

12. Being asked where they bought something

13. Being immaculately dressed

14. A child says they're are pretty

15. Waking up with no acne

16. Wearing an outfit that shows off their best physical feature

17. Getting their eyebrows done

18. Being asked out on a date

19. Getting a manicure

20. Having a full face of make-up

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