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Psychologist Claims He Can Enlarge Women's Breasts With Hypnosis

Update Date: May 03, 2013 03:12 PM EDT

Forget silicone implants, push-up bras and everything you've ever known about breast enlargement. Women can enlarge their breasts just by thinking about it, according to a psychologist.

Felix Economakis, a British counseling psychologist and hypnotherapist, claims that he can help women enlarge their breasts by up to three cup size through hypnosis.

"Using hypnosis, I can work directly with the mind. I speak to the part that controls hormones to encourage growth," he told the Daily Mail.

Economakis explained that the mind often creates obstacles to stop women's breasts from growing.

"The mind basically controls the body and if you know how to work with the mind you can get it to make changes in the body," he said. "We know emotions affect the body. When people get stressed they get headaches, for example."

He explains that there are many reasons for these mind blocks. For instance, during puberty some women might associate big breasts with unwanted male attention when they were not emotionally ready.

However, for $1,400, he can help women grow bigger breasts by ordering the part of their brains that controls sex hormones to encourage growth.

To prove his breast-enlarging hypnosis sessions really do work, he has put forward the successful case of 26-year-old Ashley Weller, who claims that Economakis' sessions boosted her breasts by three cup sizes.

The single mother of three said that after just three sessions, Economakis managed to harness the power of her mind and "unblock" the hormones that stopped her breasts from growing, helping her think her way from a 26C to a 26E.

"I was by no means flat-chested but they were too small for my figure. I didn't think they were in proportion to the rest of my body," Weller said, according to the Daily Mail.

"It got me down a bit. I've always wanted bigger ones," she said. "I was thinking of having a boob job operation but it looks like I won't be needing one now."

Economakis, who has been a hypnotherapist for 12 years, says that the women who come to him for help don't want impossibly large, porn star-like breasts.

"I wouldn't even help someone that big anyway. It's not my aim to do that," he said. "Women of all ages come to me because they feel they were cheated a bit, as if they are not having the breast sizes they felt they should be."

Weller said that after she lost a lot of weight after getting a gastric sleeve, she felt her breasts started to sag and shrink.

"When I lost all the weight, my boobs went saggy and horrible," she said. "Having three children has ruined them too. Breastfeeding has made them flat and empty."

She admits that when she first heard of Economakis' "hynogrowth" sessions she felt a little skeptical.

"When I heard about the hypno boob job I felt excited and wanted to give it a go. I was skeptical about it at first and it took me a while to get my head around it," she said.

She says that the hynogrowth sessions helped her breasts grow bigger and firmer.

"I'm very pleased with the results. I feel a lot more confident about my boobs now," she said. "A boob job can cost around £4,000 but I'd never had been able to afford that."

"It goes to show there's something out there other than surgery," Weller added. "It does work. People should give it a go."

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