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New Suction Machine Lets Women Pump Their Way to Bigger Breasts [Video]

Update Date: Jun 12, 2013 03:10 PM EDT

Women who don't want to spend thousands of dollars to go under the knife for bigger breasts now have another option: breast pumps.

Women can now boost their bust by up to two cup sizes with the Wonderlift, a suction pump device that claims to improve the elasticity of skin tissue and shape and firm the breast, for a fraction of the price of plastic surgery.

During the breast-enhancing treatment, the suction is followed by vibration massage to stimulate the breast growth, according to the Daily Mail. The low frequency vibrations, which stimulate the blood and lymph circulation and prevent hyperplasia of mammary glands (abnormal cell development) are followed by low-level light therapy intended to assist with skin elasticity, smoothness, rejuvenation and spot removal.

Wonderlift's founder Sajida Rashid told ITV news that results produced from a 12-week course, plus six follow up treatments should last up to two years.

Nicole, a young women appearing on ITV's This Morning show, said that the pumping treatment feels "quite comfortable".

"It's quite comfortable. It just feels like suction really," she said.

"I wanted to try this treatment because I've been for surgery consultations but I'm cautious of going under knife," Nicole said in the show. "I've had three treatments so far and think my breasts look fuller and feel firmer."

Rashid told reporters that the Wonderlift machine can also perform a butt lift and enhancement via the same technologies it uses to firm and enlarge breasts.

"It can reduce cellulite and lift the glutes up," she said.

"I came across Non-surgical Breast enhancing last year in the USA when the PIP implants had much media coverage and decided that i would like to launch this within the UK and worldwide," she said. "The treatment has been around for long time, it's similar to cupping - but with the added benefits of following therapies for maximum results."

She explains that vacuum suction can manipulate fat tissue and assist with pectoral muscle contraction, which is what provides the breast area with shape. She says that when muscle lengthens or shortens, the skin lifts and firms. This type of suction can also help increase blood circulation and destroy toxins through the lymph.

The machine also uses "micro current therapy" which can stimulate regeneration or nerves and sot tissue.

"I think it's a good treatment, but after the first treatment people should see some results, though it is important to follow up and have two to three treatments within the first week," Stephen Handisides, a reporters and expert in cosmetic surgery, dentistry and beauty said on This Morning.

"You do have to have the time to go and have these treatments," he added.

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