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'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Typhoid Mary As Female Villain And More Characters As Series Regulars [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 13, 2017 08:36 AM EDT

Marvel and Netflix currently has a lot of scheduled projects for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there are only few details about their TV series including "Jessica Jones" Season 2. Read on for more details.

MCU Exchange worked alongside The Hashtag Show to reveal some of the possible characters who might appear in "Jessica Jones" Season 2. As of now, avid followers of the show can only speculate about the show while they wait for more updates.

This is the latest news, since the network is currently looking for actors to play certain characters. If the following updates will push through, they will join Krysten Ritter and the other actors for the second installment of "Jessica Jones." According to the outlet, they have worked on cracking the possible codenames from the recent casting calls.

"Jessica Jones" Season 2 To Add A Female Villain?

Both outlets analyzed the four character descriptions and made their own guesses on their comic book versions. The only female character is a girl named Ingrid.

The sources predicted two possibilities for the said role. She is described as an attractive dark-haired lady in her mid-30s.

The crew might use Ingrid as an original solely made for the show. Based on the details, Ingrid might be a gender-swapped version of the superhero Ian Soo, who has a connection with Hellcat. The latter is the alter ego of Patsy Walker, Jessica's best friend.

Meanwhile, there is also a possibility that Ingrid is Mary Paladin AKA Typhoid Mary. She is suitable to play as the antagonist or villain who will go against Jessica. Both superheroes received their powers from IGH.

More Casting Updates For "Jessica Jones" Season 2

The list includes Presley, who is an intelligent African-American man, whom they speculate as Paul Denning, A.K.A. Paladin. Just like Jessica, he works as an investigator in the crime world.

Another character slated for a series regular spot is Oliver. The description said that he is a "male, Latino, artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip." He shares a resemblance to Otis Danger who has the same powers as Luke Cage without the muscle.

Joining them is Dr. Kirby, who will only have a one-year deal as a cast member. However, he might throw in some strong punches before he leaves if he is actually Dr. Karl Malus. He is known for his connections with IGH.

Before "Jessica Jones" Season 2, she will appear on Marvel's "The Defenders." Entertainment Weekly reported that the new series from Marvel TV will premiere on Aug. 18, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.

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