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A Stressed Mindset Is Strongly Correlated To Physical and Mental Health [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 15, 2017 07:46 AM EDT

A research revealed that a stressed mindset can affect a person's overall health. Changing one's perspective, despite going through a stressful situation, can potentially lead to positive results.

Countless sources have already proved that stress can significantly impact a person's performance. Research in cognitive behavior therapy mentioned that the ability of a person to alter one's mindset can affect his/her overall mood.

A study published in the journal "Anxiety, Stress & Coping," pointed out that a person's mindset affects the person's physical and mental well-being. Stress can either increase or decrease a person's hormone production. It was then added that a stressed mindset can influence the person's decision making and emotional experience.

WebMd explained that human bodies are equipped to deal with stress. It was then added that the person would usually go through the "fight of flight" mindset once confronted with a stressful situation. The person can either confront it in a positive way or react to it negatively.

Forty-three percent of adults suffer stress-related health problems. Seventy-five to 90 percent of the doctor's visits are also said to be stress-related. When received negatively, a stressed mindset can potentially cause the person physical havoc. Chronic stress can also lead to high-blood pressure, heart complications, depression and anxiety.

The American Psychological Association pointed out that stress is a natural reaction when a person is being confronted with an uncomfortable situation. Stress often affects the person's pressure points where he/she can feel a physical impact.

There are countless ways to battle stress. One of the most helpful ways to address the stressed mindset is to figure out what caused the situation. It was then added that proper breathing and taking a walk can potentially help the person fight off stress.

It is often implied that stress is a bad thing, but it was revealed that a person needs to feel stressed at certain times. Moderate stress is reportedly healthy for one's health as it may boost productivity and creativity.

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