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Why Is Stress Important?

Update Date: Jan 31, 2017 11:14 AM EST

Stress is often avoided as it is commonly linked to overall health issues. According to research, however, ever person needs to feel stressed some way or another as moderate stress is healthy for one's well-being.

Sydney Morning Herald published an article focusing on the reason as to why stress is essential in one's health. It was mentioned that a book published by an Irish psychologist, Ian Robertson, featured the benefits of stress, and the importance of stress management. Stress is said to make the individual stronger and sharper compared to their peers who do not undergo pressure.

Additionally, stress can be turned into strength once the individual knows how to control it. Using the energy being released by stress into something positive can turn into a strong point, according to Robertson.

"Children or adolescents who have little or no adversity, little or no stress, end up more emotionally vulnerable, more likely to be depressed and not enjoying life," Robertson stated. "People who have very little adversity and those who have very severe have similar levels of emotional disturbance later in life."

During an interview with Brain Matters, Robertson also shared that a moderate stress which can be handled properly can transform into excitement. He then added that it's a matter of diversion.

Robertson did a study to back his claims in regards to the benefits of stress which was participated by individuals in their 70's who are going through mild memory decline. They were then divided into two groups, the first which didn't go through stress, and the other group who underwent stressful events around two to three times in their lives.

He came into conclusion that those who were exposed to stress are more likely to preserve their cognitive function as they did not show a decline over the two years of the study.

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