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What Parenting Style Triggers Aggressive Behavior?

Update Date: Jan 22, 2017 07:05 PM EST

It's already been established that there is no right or wrong was when it comes to parenting. One of the biggest debates up to this date, however, are the results of using corporal punishment when it comes to disciplining the child. Aside from spanking, research reveals that there are certain parenting styles that trigger anxiety and depression among children.

Psychology Today sheds light onto the possible long-term effects of corporal punishment. Spanking is often discouraged as it can negatively impact the children and their mental health. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology mentioned that 67 percent of mothers and 68 percent of fathers reported slapping or spanking their children, at least occasionally. It was then added that children who were spanked or slapped exhibit slight aggression and attention problems growing up.

The led by Marcos Mendez of Kansas State University's Department of Family Studies and Human Service and the rest of his team came into conclusion that using corporal punishment can potentially lead to behavioral and attention problems among toddlers.

Authoritative parenting is imposed through punishment, which implied that the child should abide by the rules so that they won't be punished. It may seem ideal as children are being well disciplined as they fear the consequences. Unfortunately, it was revealed that this parenting style can cause anxiety.

Parenting Science explained that children who grew up with authoritarian parenting may result to obedient and prim offspring, but it is said to do more harm than good. Children raised out of authoritarian does not only develop anxiety, but some may even turn to rebellion to show that they oppose the parenting style being used by their parents.

Michael Liebowitz, M.D., noted that aside from authoritarian parenting, over-protective parents can be lethal to a child's mental health and development. Over protective parents often cause anxiety and lack of independence among children as they tend to be reliant on their parents according to Health Central. It was then added that being too emotionally available for your child can highly affect his decision-making skills and weakens their independence.

Parenting style and punishment may vary from one family to another, what is important however is the balance between parenting and letting children learn things on their own. Overdoing parenting can negatively impact a child's mental health.

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