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Not Getting Enough Sunlight Affects Body's BMI

Update Date: Mar 03, 2017 07:40 AM EST

Working on a night shift is not only stressful, but it was mentioned that not getting enough sunlight can potentially affect a body's BMI. It was then mentioned that avoiding natural light has the same impact as that of smoking to a person's body.

Light exposure has multiple benefits to a person's body. It was mentioned that sunlight regulates the body's sleep pattern and the circadian timing. Both of these are said to affect the body's BMI thus it can potentially aid in weight gain and weight loss.

Daily Mail mentioned that not getting an adequate amount of sunlight can potentially trigger weight gain. In a study which was published in PLOS One, it was mentioned that staying away from natural light, even for just a few minutes, a day can potentially affect the person's Body Mass Index (BMI). The study gathered their data by gauging the BMI of those who were able to get their daily dose of sunshine, and those who didn't.

The study involves the correlation of ambient light, the person's BMI and their sleep. The study involved 54 participants wherein the researchers came into conclusion that a person's weight can be altered just by 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight every day. It also affects the person's sleep timing and the duration of their sleep.

Aside from affecting the body's BMI, it was also added that not getting an adequate amount of sunlight can also affect the body, which is similar to smoking. A study done in 2016 explained that avoiding sunlight is bad for the person's health.

"Non-smokers who avoided the sun had a life expectancy similar to smokers with the highest sun exposure group, indicating that avoiding the sun is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude to smoking," Dr. Pelle Lindqvist, the epidemiologist who led the study stated.

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