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Babies Born With Congenital Syphilis Rise In Numbers Due To Parent's STD

Update Date: Mar 02, 2017 07:28 PM EST

Babies affected with congenital syphilis continually increase in numbers according to health care professionals. It was mentioned that babies are often born with lungs filled with fluid as others are covered with rashes. The condition is said to be caused by the mother's STD.

Infants that are born to mothers with sexually transmitted diseases, specifically the ones that are born from mothers with syphilis are being placed highly at risk, as some are bound to face death. Babies that are born from mothers with the condition are said to suffer from anemia, extreme rash and even fluid on their lungs. Though some would survive after thorough medical care would be provided, most of which would only live for a couple of days as reported by CNN.

"It's been an absolute explosion," Neonatologist Gurvir Khurana, who works at four hospitals in California's Central Valley stated. "It's just spreading very, very quickly. Kern County has a huge public health problem on its hands."

Most of the mothers are unaware of the condition thus that are often shocked to find out that their babies are suffering from congenital syphilis. The condition, which reached alarming heights in Central Valley affected a lot of mothers, and the numbers are continually increasing.

Health educator for Planned Parenthood then opened up stating that STDs could not be successfully eliminated. She then mentioned that the number of women and men with STD will continually increase as the years progressed. In a record acquired from CDC, it was revealed that the women affected with syphilis drastically increased in a span of one year. From 2014 to 2015, the numbers increased by 27 percent.

One of the major cause of STD among the residents of California is said to be unprotected intercourse with multiple partners. The Department of Public Health stated that 2/3 of the cases involving syphilis came from men, but cases among women ages 15 to 44, however, increased by four folds from 2011 to 2015.

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