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Healthy Fast Food Chains That Can Potentially Replace Big Greasy Counterparts

Update Date: Feb 28, 2017 07:51 PM EST

Fast food chains are everywhere and it is deemed as something convenient those living the life in the fast lane. Though this may come in handy, health care professionals pointed out that fast food can also be deemed as junk food and it causes obesity. With the majority of its consumers leaning into healthier options, new healthy fast food chains are sprouting everywhere, which can potentially take down their greasy counterparts.

The majority of the popular fast food chains already pledged to serve healthier food options which include anti-biotic free chicken, salad bowls, yogurts and prohibit young children to access soda. McDonald's, which is one of the most popular fast food chains reportedly, works with dieticians to improve their menu and provide their consumers healthier options.

As consumers start to be more cautious about their diet, healthy fast food chains started to sprout, and most of which are starting to gain recognition. Salad and Go, which serves drive-thru garden salads and other healthy menus, gain recognition among foodies. Not only does their food taste good, but it also comes in cheap where one can get a 48-ounce salad for only $6.

The fast food chain launched last year with 6 branches already in line. Business Insider mentioned that the franchise all throughout the US by 2018-2020.

Iconic TV personality Oprah Winfrey drastically lost weight through exercise and diet. Her personal trainer, on the other hand, opened up his own fast food chain which does not only serve good food, but it gives consumers a healthier option as well.

LYFE, which launched in 2011 already, has 20 locations in various states. Though LYFE does not tag itself as healthy, their menu contains less than 600 calories with only 1,000 mg of sodium. Their menus are also free from MSG, preservatives, and trans fat.

As a foodie, what is your favorite fast food chain that offers a healthier option? Do let us know through the comment section below.

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