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Gluten-Free Diet Can Potentially Do More Harm Than Good

Update Date: Feb 15, 2017 09:49 PM EST

The gluten-free diet fad is adopted by the majority, despite not having celiac disease or an allergic reaction to wheat, barley, and rye. Some would opt to go gluten-free with the hopes of choosing the heathier alternative for their food choices, but studies suggest that going gluten free can potentially do more harm than good.

A surprising new study emerged where it was revealed that people who partake of the gluten free diet have higher levels of toxic chemicals on their bodies. Daily Mail mentioned that scientist found high levels of arsenic and mercury in the subjects that went gluten free over the past five years.

It was mentioned that following the gluten-free diet trend exposes the individual to high levels of toxins which can greatly harm the body. it was explained that the diet increases the levels of arsenic in the body which can potentially cause cancer.

Aside from arsenic, another harmful chemical was found. Gluten-free dieters are said to have 70 percent more trances of mercury on their system, which is already deemed harmful. Gluten free diet is specifically intended for people with celiac disease, wherein gluten rich products can highly irritate their digestive system, thus they would opt for products without the protein as it causes them to go ill.

According to statistics, however, more than 13 percent of the UK population adopt the gluten-free diet, even without having the celiac disease, which can turn out to have a negative impact on their over-all health in the long run.

"These results indicate that there could be unintended consequences of eating a gluten-free diet," Lead researcher of the study Dr. Maria Argos stated during her interview when she was asked about the negative impact of going gluten free.

Mercury and Arsenic may have been found of those who participated on the gluten free diet, but Dr. Argos emphasized that more research needs to be done in regards to the gluten free diet. What are your thoughts on the recent findings?

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