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Post-Election Stress Disorder Affects Democrats, Republicans

Update Date: Feb 23, 2017 09:11 AM EST

The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most crucial moments for American voters. With the hype and the tension that politics influenced among the citizens, anxiety levels reportedly increased among the American population.

The majority of the American population reportedly suffers from anxiety and depression. There are several reasons as to why an individual would go through such mental health concerns, thus finding the right treatment and therapy can be challenging. In a report released by CNN, it was mentioned that another type of anxiety was formed as triggered by the political hype.

The Post-Election Stress Disorder, which is still an unofficial name of the condition is said to be affecting thousands of Americans. The news website mentioned that Post-Election Stress Disorder became so common that psychologists are bombarded with sessions that are fuelled by politics, as most of them vent out that their political opinions tarnished their personal lives.

"In my 28 years in practice, I've never seen anything like this level of stress," Nancy Molitor, a psychologist in the Chicago suburbs stated. She then added that most of her patients are millennial and people over 80. "What we're seeing now after the inauguration is a huge uptick in anxiety."

Everyday Power mentioned that majority of the patients' complaints are the lack of sleep, aggression, and most of them are easily irritated. Some would even open up that they lost their libido and are more sensitive to harsh comments.

Though it is often implied that the ones that would usually suffer from anxiety are the losing party, it was mentioned that both the Democrats and the Republicans are facing the same fate in terms of dealing with post-election stress. One of the biggest factors that trigger the anxious behaviors are fake news, biased headlines, and the online trolls.

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