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Fathers Who Cuddle, Hug Their Babies Have Closer Relationship

Update Date: Feb 20, 2017 06:13 PM EST

Child birth gives the mother and a child an instant bond which is eventually strengthened by breastfeeding. As for fathers, on the other hand, it was mentioned that hugs and cuddles bring the child closer to her father wherein it helps fathers who would sometimes fail to connect with their children.

Some fathers are said to have a hard time when it comes to forming a bond with their children. According to a study, it is ideal for fathers to cuddle and hug their children as much as possible, ideally during their younger years. Fathers are advised to have a physical connection such as cuddling and hugging with their babies to form a stronger bond.

According to Daily Mail, hugging and cuddling one's children releases cuddle hormones known as oxytocin, which creates a feel-good sensation. It was mentioned that oxytocin heightens the empathy level of the person, especially fathers and it was mentioned that it synchronizes the emotion of the father and the child.

A team of researchers done by the researchers from the Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia led by James Rilling mentioned that fathers undergo hormonal changes after welcoming their child. It was then mentioned that fathers are also exposed to post-natal depression which affects their mental health and their capability to connect.

"Our findings add to the evidence that fathers, and not just mothers, undergo hormonal changes likely to facilitate increased empathy and motivation to care for their children," Rilling stated when asked about their study."I'm interested in understanding why some fathers are more involved in caregiving than others.

In relation to hugging and cuddling, Railling pointed out that fathers who have a strong physical connection with their children have higher levels of oxytocin and are less likely to undergo depression. Their study was published in the medical journal Hormones and Behavior where it was revealed that fathers who bond with their children are responding positively when showed a photo of their offspring during the experiment.

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