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Dangers of Overparenting: Are You Addicted To Your Child?

Update Date: Feb 15, 2017 07:10 AM EST

Parenting may seem like a rigorous job that one must need to get accustomed to. Though there are some parents who tend to be overprotective, there are also those who are said to be addicted to their child, which can actually do more harm than good as it can negatively impact the child's mental health.

Psychology Today laid out some guidelines which can help a parent determine if parents are already addicted to their child. Though the word addicted can lead to a negative connotation, it is however as simple as doing everything, even the simplest chose for the child/ren with the fear that they might have a hard time doing it.

Most parents would usually think that doing things for their children is similar to showing their love, which is totally different. Doing things for the child can sometimes deprive them of their independence and can affect their overall growth. Obsessively doing things for the child can then leave the parent with the feeling that he/she is addicted to his/her child/ren.

"Doing" is not the same as loving. If you have found yourself frustrated that all your "doing" has yield little results, gratitude or both of you may be what some would call "addicted" to your child, or addicted to the activity of "doing" for your child," Meredith Resnick, a licensed social worker told Psychology Today.

One of the parenting styles that is similar to being addicted to one's child is the helicopter parenting, which often leads to more harm than good as it even leads to a child being depressed and too dependent. Huffington Post pointed out that helicopter parenting which is also known as over-parenting can cause the child to grow up anxious and dependent, while some would leave the child feeling entitled and superior among their peers.

Raising a child may be a tough call as parents are often caught in a dilemma on how to raise their kids as parenting does not have a manual. Most experts suggest, however, that balance is always the key to raising successful adults.

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