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Teenagers More Prone To Depression Compared To Older Folks

Update Date: Mar 02, 2017 08:44 PM EST

Teenage depression continually increases over the years. Several studies reveal that teenagers are lonelier and are more likely to suffer from depression compared to older folks.

Young people are struggling with depression, which is often caused by loneliness. According to Daily Mail, younger people find it relatively hard to make friends. One out of ten teenagers in the United States spends majority of their time alone as they find it difficult to connect to their peers.

Social media played a vital role when it comes to teenage depression and loneliness. Teenagers that are struck with loneliness would often spend their time on social media, which hinders the possibility of them reaching out to peers.

Mental health experts pointed out that social media is often misleading young adults into thinking that their "likes" could serve as an affirmation that they are surrounded by friends, when in fact, it does not. Social media also weigh down a person's self -esteem, especially to those who feels lonely. One of the examples being pointed out is seeing their friends posting the fun stuff they're doing on social media, without the person involved.

"It can feel isolating to watch friends having fun and posting selfies without you and the temptation to compare your own life to the perfectly curated life that friends portray online are huge," Barbra Bloomfield stated. "I advise the young people I see to take a break from their devices for an afternoon, meet up with their friends face to face and see how it compares to interacting on social media.

Bloomfield then gave out her advice to the younger generation stating that teenagers should take their time off social media. She then added that going for a walk or being in one with nature can go a long way in terms boosting one's loneliness.

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