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Will Recreational Marijuana Legalization Affect Kids?

Update Date: Feb 28, 2017 09:40 AM EST

Marijuana legalization is still an ongoing debate and pediatricians also raised their concerns as it can potentially affect the kids. Child experts were alarmed in regards to the looming risks of having marijuana openly available, thus they encourage parents to do the "weed talk."

Pediatricians are alarmed with the ongoing recreational marijuana legalization as it can potentially affect most children's progress. CNN took a deeper look at the looming dangers of the legalization and how it can influence a child's future progress.

One of the red flags that child care experts pointed out is the fact that most parents would openly smoke pot at home. This being said, there is a huge possibility that their children will smoke or try smoking pot as well.

It is a common understanding that marijuana is deemed as a drug that isn't harmful, but it was mentioned that parents should point out that it is not the case. CNN pointed out that marijuana can potentially cause abnormal brain development, affect their memory and their concentration. Though most would point out that it has medical benefits, marijuana should be limited to patients suffering from various ailments and should not be openly given to teens.

Another report by CNN also pointed out that marijuana can have a huge impact on teen and their development. It was then added that it can potentially have a long-term effect. As much as parents would want to protect their teens from marijuana consumption, it was explained that is unavoidable, thus having a "weed talk" and explaining the cause and effect of marijuana consumption can have a positive impact on the child.

Big kids and teens are more open to understanding the "talk" but younger ones, however, are often being placed in danger as there would sometimes mistake marijuana edibles to sweet treats. According to The Guardian, parents should be careful if they have a stash of edibles at home as it can look enticing to younger children and can end up in the emergency room once accidentally consumed.

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