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'For Honor' News & Updates: No Dedicated Servers, Direct P2P Connection

Update Date: Dec 25, 2016 12:00 AM EST

“For Honor” is Ubisoft’s attempt to make a “Chivalry” like medieval combat game, which will draw new fans to the studio and their products. Until now there has not been much information released about the project and only a few have had the chance to test it out, but now, the first big reveal of the game has been made.

PC Games Network reports that Ubisoft’s new medieval combat game named “For Honor” will not have dedicated servers. The servers which it will rely on will be a direct P2P connection. For those who are not familiar with the terms, a dedicated server is a machine, which has a game server hosted on it, running independently of the host’s game state. No matter if he is in the game or not, the server remains functional. Such are considered the typical official servers of any game. The P2P (Peer-to-peer) system relies on a constantly active host. Other players connect directly to the host, where poor internet connection in one of the participants may force a lot of lag on the rest of the players.

Gamer Revolution adds salt to the wound which Ubisoft inflicted on its own self through the decision of P2P servers for “For Honor”. Other problems present in the game is everyone’s favorite “Always Online” feature of the game. Ubisoft’s games have received a lot of backlash about the “Always Online” requirement from many different groups of gamers, starting from the domestic user and going as far as warriors taking part in military missions in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. Another big hit to Ubisoft’s project is the lack of split-screen cooperation games. This makes private 1v1 matches on a console impossible and limits playability to only those friends of yours who have bought their own copy of the game.

It was announced that a redditor under the name of MexGrow has broken the non-disclosure agreement, to reveal to users of the forum how exactly does the game run and what are the problems in it, Game Rant reports. First is the poor performance in finding games. Often MexGrow would have had to wait over five minutes to find a suitable game, this would not be so problematic if the game would not automatically disconnect for the gameplay state being untenable.

The P2P connection is a problem also mentioned by him, where certain ISPN’s limit the control which the end user has over the network and that creates a lot of lag related issues for them. Even though quite problematic, Ubisoft has announced series of free DLC for their upcoming game “For Honor” which is always good news to hear.

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