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“Watch Dogs 2” Tips, Trick And Hacks: How To Get Your Game To The Winning Side

Update Date: Nov 17, 2016 06:50 AM EST

Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs 2" was released recently and the game has been a great delight to gamers and tech geeks across the world. The open-world hacking and adventure game on Social Justice and Crime fighting are much improved than the original "Watch Dogs" as the company has introduced extra powers, story lines and dialogues.

However the biggest concern in the "Watch Dogs 2" is to earn fast money in such a way that Marcus can hack into Dedsec. Here are a few tips tricks and secret hacks on making your game the winning one!

Earning fast money

Players can hack civilians and enemies, by unlocking Improved Profiler from the Social Engineering Skills tree which will help Marcus to hack $400-$1,000 out of people, thus enabling him to earn quick money.

Using enemy weapons

Opt out of purchasing weapons from the DedSec HQ, instead simply acquire weapons from downed enemies, said Twinfinite on how to strategize the use of weapons.

Mass Distract Hack

According to a report by GameRevolution players should upgrade to the Mass Distract Hack in "Watch Dogs 2". The upgrade would allow them to run undetected through populated areas and automatically unlocking car locks as well without disturbing the people.

Tips for "Watch Dogs 2"

Here are some useful tips that will keep your game on the winning side;

  • Go stealthy.
  • Stay nonlethal when you can.
  • Count the Z's on sleeping guards.
  • No one is dead they're just sleeping.
  • Stick to cover.
  • Consider playing on easy.
  • Get the aerial drone if you can afford it and Use your aerial drone at every opportunity. If a guard is detecting your drone, quickly deactivate it.
  • Know your lock and Use your aerial drone to solve environmental locks.
  • Leave patrolling guards alone.
  • Try to use fuse boxes as distractions only.
  • Do whatever you can to get out alive if spotted.
  • Be careful when hacking during a car chase.
  • Stop onrushing enemies' cold with the old hack 'n stun.
  • Get the right research upgrades. - Proximity Scanner, Steady Aim, Hijacker, Improved Profiler, Gang Attack
  • Use the map to pause the game.
  • Always grab Key Data when you see it.
  • Go to pawn shops every so often.
  • Track down all the operation Intel.
  • Go clothing shopping.
  • Talk to your crew in between missions.
  • Download all the apps.
  • Pet all the dogs.
  • Prepare for the possibility that you might kill a dog.
  • Turn on the seamless multiplayer features (once they're working).
  • When you're being invaded, rely on your drone.
  • Find a co-op buddy

Lead your game to victory with the help of these tips and hacks!

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