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Ubisoft’s 'For Honor' Game Update: Gameplay, Release Date, And All You Want To Know

Update Date: Nov 19, 2016 08:40 AM EST

For Honor is a competitive video game. It is a blend of strategy, team play and speed with near range combat. Ubisoft is the publisher of this game. The chosen has survived many years wandering in the deserts. Thanks to the skill set and focus which made them survive many years. They have to lead their followers to victory and also to establish a new hometown for them.

Gameplay And Features

In this game, players can stake any of the three characters given and start playing the game. The Legion, The Warborn, and The Chosen are the characters available in the game. These three represent Knight, Vikings, and Samurai respectively.

Each character has four classes. The Assassins class is quick and efficient in combating with enemies. The Heavies have more resistance capacity towards damages. The Vanguard class is well balanced and has perfect defense techniques.

The Hybrid class is a mixture of all the above classes. This class is known for its unique fighting styles and skills. Ubisoft plans to release more classes besides the above-stated ones.

Players have to combat with the opponents using specific melee weapons available. These weapons are different for different classes. They include axes, swords, katana, etc.

During the gameplay, gamers may perform killing activities. When they kill enemies consecutively, they gain additional perks like feats. These feats help gamers to get strengths, points, extra arrows, power to heal themselves, and a catapult attack on enemies. In some missions, Al minions will accompany players, and they don't pose a threat.

The art of battle, a combat system will start when a gamer encounters enemies with more health. Then player aims at the opponent with a weapon in this dual mode combat. The player has to choose how to place the weapon while attacking in three directions like from above, the left and the right. 

Players can notice the weak part of their opponents by monitoring the on-screen hints and opponent's movements. Barging into enemies with shoulders, performing back step swipes are the special abilities that players have. Players can even decide the strength of each attack.

Multiplayer Modes

Four modes exist in the multiplayer environment.

  • Dominion: It is a four-versus-four multiplayer mode. Players earn points by occupying combat zones. When one team earns sufficient points, they have a chance to wipe out the players from another team.
  • Brawl: The multiplayer mode is set for two-versus-two. A team requires killing every member of the opponent team so as to win.
  • Duel: It is a two player mode.
  • Skirmish: Skirmish is a four-on-four multiplayer mode. In this players earn points by killing enemies. The team that scores more points within the time limit will be the winner.

The Essence So Far

For Honor is the first slice and rip kind of video game from Ubisoft Montreal Incorporation. It took inspiration from shooting games in its structure. The game will release on February 14, 2017, worldwide for Xbox One, PC (Windows), and PS4.

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