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Ubisoft's New Design Philosophy- Assassin's Creed Will Be Less Scripted

Update Date: Nov 21, 2016 07:32 AM EST

Stagnation is noticed in franchises when it comes to all aspects of a video game. The Same thing has happened in the case of Assassin's creed but the players still get their copies to play the game. Apart from each title's gimmick, the major thing that changes is the storyline.

Ubisoft has confirmed that games which will move forward shall be less scripted and this change in the company's philosophy shall be pioneered by Assassin's Creed, iTech Post reports. The game series had been losing momentum because it switched formats in Brotherhood. All this is happening as the fans interest is diminishing and the quality between the titles is inconsistent.

Ubisoft is trying to adopt a new philosophy in matters like the game design so that the fans may start liking the game once again. In fact, the company will try to travel the path of less scripted approach for all its upcoming games and may be the next Assassin Creed title is first in the line.

Instead of its tradition of narrative path games, Ubisoft may focus on freedom of choice for its upcoming games. Hence the players will have more interaction in the gaming world and they might feel that the game is less scripted.

Games like Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry Primal allow the players to roam around or return back to the story which is a good example of the philosophy of freedom of choice for the players. But this approach shall be fully applicable to the next AC title.

If you wish to understand the new game design that the company is talking about than presently the best game you can play is Watch Dogs 2. This game is going to be the basis for the new philosophy. It has an awesome AI and you can explore the world. You can also cater to the side content and if you wish to return to the main story, you can do it freely. 

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