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Couples Report Lower Sexual Satisfaction after A Year of Dating

Update Date: Jul 05, 2013 01:03 PM EDT

The beginning weeks and months is arguably the best times in every new relationship. The processes of courting someone and falling in love are unforgettable experiences. Despite happy beginnings, relationships often tone down after a few years in. In a new survey conducted by Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor Service in the United Kingdom, the group announced that sexual satisfaction starts to diminish after the one-year mark passes in a relationship.

The survey was administered to around 2,000 people. The results revealed that 15 percent of couples that were still in the 12-month "honeymoon" stage had sex every day. This percentage is high in comparison to only one in 20 couples in the other categories that reported having sex everyday. Researchers also found that out of the couples that were in four-year long relationships, 53 percent admitted to having sex a few times a week. For couples that passed the four-year mark, 43 percent of them stated that they had sex a few times a month.

On top of discovering the trend that couples have less sex the longer they are together, researchers also found that couples were less satisfied. 40 percent of couples that have been together for over four-years stated that their sex life was "okay" but "could be better." A whopping 76 percent said that they could improve their sex life if they were more willing to try harder in bed. Out of this percentage, 33 percent said they would consider using lubrication. 24 percent admitted that they would try dressing up or using porn to spark up their sex life. 17 percent said they would consider turning off the lights. The researchers behind this survey believe that a huge factor could be erectile dysfunction.

"It seems Brits have a lot to learn when it comes to enhancing their sex lives but sometimes not being 'in the mood' isn't just about being tired, stressed or even fancying your partner but a symptom of a medical condition," said Dr. Tom Brett, medical director at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor according to Daily Mail. "Erectile dysfunction will affect one in 10 men in the UK each year. However, our research has shown that very few are willing to take control."

The researchers found that over 50 percent of women believe that their men should take drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, while only 18 percent of men stated that they would consider these drugs. On top of that low percentage, a lot of men revealed that they did not know a lot about erectile dysfunction. In order to get medication for it, one must attain a doctor's prescription. Around one-eighth of male participants said they would get it from family or friends, one-fifth would buy it in the supermarket and one out of 20 would click on online advertisements.

These statistics reveal that British men might need to do a bit more research about medical problems surrounding sex in order to improve their sex lives, especially when the spark starts to diminish down the line. 

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