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"Erotic Zoos" Rampant in Germany After New Law Fails to Ban Bestiality

Update Date: Jul 01, 2013 03:54 PM EDT

Bestiality brothels are reportedly spreading through Germany faster than ever because of a new law that makes animal porn illegal but sex with animals legal.

Livestock protection officer Madeleine Martin told the Frankfurter Rundschau that the new law does not adequately protect animals from predatory zoophiles, who are increasingly free to turn to bestiality as a "lifestyle choice".

Martin highlighted one case where a farmer's sheep in Gross-Gerau region of southwest Germany started shying away from human contact.  The farmer had thought it was strange, so he set up secret cameras in the rafters of his barn. To the farmer's horror, he discovered that several men were sneaking into his barn at night to sexually abuse his livestock.

"There are now animal brothels in Germany," Martin told the paper, adding that people were playing down the issue by labeling bestiality as a "lifestyle choice".

Martin is now calling for the German government to categorically ban bestiality across the country.

What's more, the Daily Mail reported that German authorities had planned to reinstate an old law forbidding sex with animals after incidents of bestiality and websites promoting it skyrocketed in 2012.

In 1969 bestiality was no longer considered a crime in Germany.  Although the Animal Protection Law had been introduced at the time, it had failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia. Now, experts believe the number of people participating in bestiality has increased significantly.

The "lifestyle choice" is so popular that there are even 'erotic zoos' for people to visit and sexually abuse animals ranging from llamas to goats.

Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the agriculture committee, said the German government wanted to prohibit using an animal "for individual sexual acts and to outlaw people 'pimping' creatures to others for sexual use," according to the Daily Mail.

However, German zoophile advocacy group ZETA has announced it will mount a legal challenge should a ban on bestiality become law.

"Mere concepts of morality have no business being law," said ZETA chairman Michael Kiok, according to Scallywag & Vagabond.

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