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Women More Likely to Orgasm With Handsome Men, Study

Update Date: Jun 24, 2013 04:35 PM EDT

A new study reveals that women have more orgasms when they sleep with men they rate as more masculine and dominant.  The same study also found that women reach climax more often when they're in bed with attractive partners.

The findings published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior found that women who thought their partners were most attractive were more likely to orgasm at the same time or just after men, which is believed to be the best time to get pregnant. 

While female orgasms have largely been thought of biologically useless, new studies support the theory that female orgasms have an evolutionary function.  Recent research revealed that female orgasms may help keep sperm after sex and promote conception.

However, the latest findings reveal that female orgasm could also be a way of selecting the best genes for reproduction.

"Men's masculinity and attractiveness predict their female partners' reported orgasm frequency and timing," researchers wrote. "Although our results require replication, they are consistent with the hypothesis that female orgasm is a copulatory mate choice mechanism, perhaps for selecting high-quality genes for offspring."

The study involved 110 couples from an American university.  Researchers interviewed participants and asked them about their experiences with orgasms and whether they climaxed before, after or at the same time as their partner.

The women in the study were also asked to rate their own attractiveness on a scale of 10 and how dominant or masculine their boyfriend or husband is.

For the study, men were asked to rate their own attractiveness, dominance and masculinity and their partner's femininity.

The self-ratings were then compared to other people's rating of participants' attractiveness.  The participants were also rated on objective characteristics like facial masculinity and symmetry.

The findings revealed that the more attractive or masculine a man is, the more likely their female partners will orgasm at the same time or just after they climax, thus boosting her likelihood of getting pregnant. 

Researchers explain that women are more likely to become pregnant id she has an orgasm either one minute before or 45 minutes after a male has ejaculated.

"We found that objective measures of the quality of women's mates - men's attractiveness and masculinity - significantly predicted the women's orgasms," researchers wrote. "Earlier-timed orgasms suggest more intense sexual arousal and indeed are associated with greater sexual pleasure."

"Women reported more frequent orgasm during or after male ejaculation when mated to attractive men-those with high scores on a principal component characterized by high observer-rated and self-rated attractiveness," the explained. "Putative measures of men's genetic quality did not predict their mates' orgasms from self-masturbation or from non-coital partnered sexual behavior."

"Overall, these results appear to support a role for female orgasm in sire choice," researchers concluded. 

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