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Man Volunteers for Chemical Castration to Quell His Rape Fantasies

Update Date: Apr 19, 2013 10:25 AM EDT

An anonymous man by the name of "Steve" has come forward to tell his story of volunteering himself for chemical castration after his rape and murder fantasies started to spin out of control.

"Steve" told UK reporters that he had started to fantasize about raping and killing women in his early twenties. He said he would look for victims as he drove around in his car and even planned the "perfect crime".

He told reporters that he was so terrified of his dangerous fantasies that he decided to seek help from sexual behavior expert Dr. Paul Federoof who put him on a program of chemical castration to decrease his sex drive.

Steve, who disguised his identity with a hooded jacket and spoke with his back to the camera, told show hosts on This Morning's Crime Week that his vile fantasies started with him cheating on his then partner.

"This led to me looking online to meet people and everything progressed from there," he said.

"The sex became more boring over time so I started looking for more extreme methods," he explained. "I enjoyed the challenge of meeting someone online and seeing how fast I could get them in to bed."

"It progressed to being more violent and then the fantasies of sexual assault and rape started ... and then I thought of killing the women I was sleeping with," Steve added.

He told reporters about the night his evil fantasies almost became reality.

"I went out that night to do it. I purchased specific tools and had them in the trunk of my car," he said. "I drove around and got an individual in to my car. It was easy, but I never harmed her."

Experts believe that the life of Steve's potential victim had been spared because he had started a conversation with her in the car.

"What I discovered with my therapist is that when it came to people that I knew I had no interest in assaulting or raping them. My girlfriend was never harmed," Steve explained.

Steve said after that night he volunteered himself to undergo chemical castration and counseling with Feredoof. Based on test scores on the standard phallometric test, Steve was assessed as being extremely dangerous to those around him.

Steve said that once he was put on treatment he noticed the result almost immediately.

"The removal of my sex drive did occur quite rapidly and made me a lot more comfortable. I lost interest in acting out my thoughts, I had no sex for a year and a half," he explained.

Campaigners are now pushing for chemical castration to be introduced as way of treating sex offenders in the UK. The medical treatment, which uses hormones to decrease men's sex drives, is already mandatory for pedophiles in Poland, Russia and in some U.S. states.

Chemical castration is also gaining popularity in Canada too, where Dr. Federoof hold a clinic.

"It is certainly no quick fix, but almost every time we do this things turn out very well," Federoof said on the show.

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