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Man Born Without Penis Will Receive a New One, Built from His Arm

Update Date: Mar 18, 2013 12:08 PM EDT

Andrew Wardle says that he has bedded 100 women. While this may be a large number for anyone, it is particularly shocking for Mr. Wardle - who defied 20 million-to-1 odds to be born without a penis. Soon, though, that will change, as Wardle becomes one of the first men in the world to have surgery to built a penis sculpted out of his arm.

According to the Sun, Wardle is a 39-year-old security guard. From Manchester, he was born with an ectopic bladder, meaning that it sat outside of his body. Normally, boys with the condition have small penises as a result, but Wardle only has testicles. His biological mother, a 17-year-old, was so overwhelmed by his medical condition that she gave him up for adoption.

While he was growing up, Mr. Wardle was forced to undergo 15 operations to correct the condition and related kidney problems and infections. Finally, the surgeries allowed him to pass water normally. Wardle was bullied in school because of his frequent visits to the hospital, but he was able to keep his condition under wraps.

Things became more complicated though, when a teenaged Andrew Wardle became interested in girls. He entered into his first relationship at the age of 17 and told his girlfriend about his condition. She was understanding and their relationship lasted for four years, maintaining a sexual relationship that left her satisfied. Still, they eventually ended their relationship, as she wanted things that he was unable to do.

In his twenties, Wardle started experimenting with drugs which, he says, gave him the perfect cover. He would bed women, but say that things could only go so far because he could not perform with the drugs. He says that, despite having gone to bed with 100 women, he has only told the truth to 20 percent of them. In fact, to many women, he seemed even more attractive because his charm was not exclusively about sex. Still, other women reacted angrily to the news; one woman punched him in the face and another cheated on him.

Two years ago, Mr. Wardle hit his lowest point and tried to commit suicide. After talking to his sister, he decided to seek medical help. His doctor informed him about the medical progress made in recent years, and Wardle was discovered to be a great candidate for surgery.

The procedures will take place with three surgeries. The first 12-hour surgery has doctors taking skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels from his arm in order to build the appendage. Then tubes will connect the penis to the urethra, making urination and ejaculation possible. Most men who have had the operation have been very satisfied with the outcome.

Wardle is excited about the possibilities. "Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility," he said to the Sun.

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