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Liver Hormone Can Determine A Person's Craving For Sweets, Study Says [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 03, 2017 09:44 AM EDT

Recently, a certain liver hormone has been said to determine a person's craving for sweets. The hormone FGF21 is the determining factor if a person is a sweet tooth.

What Does The FGF21 Hormone Do?

A study indicated that those people with the particular variants of the FGF21 gene are likely to crave for sweets. In fact, Professor Matthew Gillum, the author of the study shared that the results of this study have been surprising. This has given the researcher a new way to look at the role of a hormone on being a sweet tooth according to Express.

This latest study also raised awareness about the role of the liver in determining what the person eats. The research suggested that the liver hormones with the FGF21 will dictate the person's cravings for sweets.

Meanwhile, this study also found that there is a link with this variant to alcohol and smoking. However, there need to be more studies done in order to find out about the latter. This liver hormone is at fault in the organ that lets the person crave for more sweets, as reported by Mail Online.

Hormone Directs Food Cravings?

Once this certain liver hormone is secreted, the person cannot control the urge to find more sweets. This new research may be a new way of determining certain diets in the future, as it may be helpful in dictating what the person eats.

Cravings For Sweets And Liver Care 

The liver is an important part of the human body. It helps in getting rid of toxins that enter the human body. It is important that this organ will be cared for. It is still best to be fit and healthy, so as to also have healthy internal organs.

Certain people may like sweets more than the others. However, it is still best to regulate the intake of foods in the body system. These new findings of the hormone FGF21 give researchers a new way in looking at certain functions of the body.

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