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Frog Mucus Effective In Fighting Influenza Viruses, Study Says [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 20, 2017 05:22 AM EDT

A recent study found out that frog mucus can fight the flu. The slime from a colorful Indian frog contains molecules that can eventually fight flu. This new study can be useful for future treatments.

Frog Mucus For Flu?

This flu medicine from frog mucus can take away flu viruses, as indicated in a latest study. The research also noted that there is some frog mucus that contains antimicrobial peptides. These are immune system molecules that can take away bacteria, viruses, and fungi according to CNN.

Joshy Jacob, the lead author of the study and is an associate professor at the Emory University School of Medicine's microbiology and immunology department shared that they found a new potential new treatment for H1N1 influenza virus. Jacob noted that this flu medicine from frog mucus contains peptide.

This specific peptide is called urumin and will target H1N1 viruses. This latest study has recently been published in the journal Immunity.

How Does The Peptide Found In The Mucus Work?

It is indicated that the peptide from the frog slime will directly kill influenza viruses. This is specifically targeted to kill influenza viruses that have an H1 type of hemagglutinin.

The study was done in mice under a microscope. The slime was taken from the frog in Southern India. Now, the study then found that this certain peptide specifically hits the H1 viruses and not the H3.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the latest study will need more research if it will work for humans. This may be one potential treatment for flu viruses in the future as reported by Los Angeles Times. The team will move on to more complex animals in order to test the effectivity of the frog mucus in treating influenza flu viruses.

The researchers will look more on how effective this new finding will be to other animals and eventually to humans. This may be one big help in fighting flu viruses in the future.

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