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Trans Fat Ban Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, Study Says [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 13, 2017 09:32 AM EDT

A recent study indicates that fewer people are hospitalized for heart attack after the trans fat ban. There are several counties in the New York State that recently have followed this ban.

Baked goods, chips, crackers and fried food have trans fat in them and they have been reported to increase the risk of heart disease. Several counties in the New York State have restricted the use of trans fats in restaurants according to WebMD.

A recent study headed by Dr. Eric Brandt from Yale School of Medicine indicates that there has been a decline of heart disease after the trans fat ban. The researchers looked into records from 2002-2013 before and after the restriction.

It is indicated that a six percent decline of hospitalization due to heart disease right after the trans fat ban. The results have been seen three years after the restrictions were implemented. The researchers noted though that there has been no direct cause-and-effect link between the restriction and number of people with heart disease.

The first area that restricted the use of trans fat in restaurants and fast-food chains were in some counties in the New York State. This restriction within the area started in July 2007. The study which has indicated that there have been fewer people being hospitalized due to cardiovascular disease is a win for all as reported by NBC News.

Meanwhile, the study did not measure death due to strokes and heart attacks. However, it is indicated that lower risks of stroke and heart attacks can lower the statistics of death. The Food and Drug Administration also has the rule that partially hydrogenated oils are no longer safe.

It is likely that after 2018, food manufacturers will have to get the permission from the FDA to use such products in their food. With just a little amount of trans fats can higher the risk of heart disease.

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