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Donald Trump's Mental Health Still 'Unfit' After 100 Days; What Experts Say [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 01, 2017 06:34 AM EDT

Donald Trump, who became the 45th President of the United States, have been bombarded with issues. Check out what psychiatrists say about Trump's mental health.

Donald Trump Celebrates 100 Days In Office

US President Trump just hit the 100th day mark last Apr. 29, 2017. The medical industry has something to say about his mental health. Unfortunately, they are now receiving some backlash even before releasing an official statement.

Trump made the news when won against Hillary Clinton for the spot last year. He then replaced former head of state Barrack Obama as the 45th United States president. Various media outlets have been hot on his heels since then.

What made his presidency more controversial were his thoughts on certain matters. This is the main topic, which a panel of psychiatrists delved into during a meeting at Yale University. They claim that Trump might endanger the entire country due to his "dangerous mental impairment."

Donald Trump 'Psychologically Unwell' To Become US President

Dr. John Gartner, who was at the event, said that they are ethically responsible for informing the public about it. He described Trump as a "liar, narcissist, delusional and paranoid."

The session has been heavily criticized because they reportedly "broke the ethical standards." The panel members have received negative reactions. According to The Independent, they feel afraid of getting sued.

There is also a possibility that they might break the Goldwater Rule. It hinders mental health experts from giving diagnostics on government officials. American Psychiatric Association (APA) implemented it in the 1970s.

Donald Trump's Mental Health Won't Be Used Against Him

Dr. Bandy Lee defended them, saying that there are no hidden motivations behind it. She stressed the importance of being concerned for the well-being of the politician in question. Lee added that this will not be used as a weapon against him in any way whatsoever.

Lee also talked on the sad stigma in the society, which is the same thing that the industry wanted to achieve with the Mental Health Awareness Month. She then delved on how this issue might affect others on a larger scale. Lee told the outlet, “It’s about the situation where the presence of mental instability in a person in a position of power [is] affecting the survival and safety."

That's is the latest news on US president Donald Trump's mental health after 100 days. Stay tuned for more updates.

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