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Niecy Nash Body Positivity Awareness: She Wants You To Hate Your Body

Update Date: Apr 30, 2017 10:27 PM EDT

2017 is the year of self-love and body positivity. Niecy Nash is the latest Hollywood star who promotes loving yourself no matter what your size is. Check out her take on the body image issue.

Niecy Nash "Hates" Her Body

Niecy Nash is known for her outspoken and sassy attitude. However, her feelings on the matter are not different from the ordinary things that people usually encounter. She admitted that she had her own share of insecurities as well, People revealed.

The host and actress recently shared a series of selfies. But the only different from the usual celebrity images, is that she showed off her curves and flaws at the same time. In her pictures, she is seen wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, which has a witty statement on it.

Nash began her long post by apologizing to herself. When she saw the skimpy beach wear on her, she unconsciously began noticing the imperfections she acquired during her lifetime. She coined the term "dragging herself."

Niecy Nash Speaks On Self-Love And Body Positivity

Despite doubting herself at first, Nash is not letting this issue get to her and turned it around She began listing her flaws one by one but recalled the positive things she got from those experiences.

The former "Selma" star talked about motherhood and experiences as a married woman. She even expressed her gratitude to all of the women figures who had influenced her throughout the course of her life.

Nash then ended her post on a positive note. She imparted a lesson she learned from her mom to her 800k followers. She said, “Loving your body can be a rollercoaster ride ESPECIALLY WITHOUT A FILTER! but…With all that said I purpose [sic] to be kinder to myself today then I was yesterday."

Following her inspiring message, Niecy Nash is not alone and other celebrities started contributing for the advocacy. Former Disney star, Demi Lovato also showcased her empowering bikini images in time for the summer, ET Online reported. Stay tuned for more updates.

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