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Flint Water Crisis Leaves Long Term Impact In Children's Health

Update Date: Feb 02, 2017 08:50 AM EST

The Flint water crisis in an ongoing drinking water contamination issue that started in April 2014 in Flint, Michigan. The contamination started when Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage to Flint River.

The change led to a series of problems on their water supply, including lead contamination. This lead contamination created to a serious health problems to Flint residents, especially the children.

According to REUTERS, more than 1,700 Flint residents sued the Environment Protection Agency for mismanaging the Flint water crisis. The case was filed in US District Court in Michigan, declaring that the EPA failed to ensure that local authorities were addressing the water contamination crisis. Flint residents who filed the case are seeking a $722 million for the damage, as further discussed by REUTERS.

In a 30-page lawsuit file, the plaintiffs said that this shows that the government has failed to protect the health of the public. They also said that all the people working in this water crisis has mismanaged the Flint water crisis.

The Flint water crisis erupted in 2015 when a test found high amounts of lead to blood samples from children living at Flint. The water contamination exploited the children's cognitive learning and exposures in all levels are harmful.

This environmental catastrophe led to dozens of criminal charges and lawsuits against government officials. There are a total of 13 government officials charged that is connected to Flint water crisis.

In October 2015, Flint switched back to their previous water source. But its effect to the plaintiffs is still evident.

The five-year old twin boys of Lee-Ann Walters suffered from short term and long term effects from the water contamination and lead exposure, as per CNN. They can't remember their colors and ABC. Walters also said that the twins suffered hand-eye coordination issues and they don't like twins anymore.

These are just some of the visible effects of the catastrophe. What is more alarming is that these two boys are also suffering developmental issues. Walters said that they are struggling with a form of memory loss.

The story of Walters' twins is just one of those many cases of the effects of Flint water crisis to children. To help aid the children, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint founded the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, as further discussed by CNN. Its services include nutrition education, social services and access to pediatric medical and behavioral health services.

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