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Health Warning: Faulty Gene Might Cause Coronary Heart Disease or Sudden Death

Update Date: Feb 01, 2017 06:39 PM EST

A faulty gene is a genetic mutation which means that a gene contains a change that disrupts the gene message. Some faulty genes occur unexpectedly. But sometimes, faulty genes can be inherited.

According to BBC, approximately 620,000 people in UK alone have faulty gene. Having one could put a person's life at risk as they are prone to developing a coronary heart disease or sudden death as further discussed by BBC. Aside from that, most people are unaware of this.

The British Heart Foundation, also known as BHF, said that the figure was 100,000 more than what they expected. It could be higher because most people are unaware of it. It is also stated that we now have a better understanding of these inherited conditions.

A child who has a parent with an inherited heart disease has a 50 percent chance of inheriting it themselves. In the UK, 12 people every week ages 35 and younger die due to sudden cardiac arrest with no explanation. Reports say that most incidents are caused by undiagnosed heart conditions.

Former England and Nottinghamshire batsman James Taylor was forced to retire from playing cricket because of a serious but rare genetic heart condition in April 2016. Scans revealed that he has arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), an inherited condition triggered by a mutation in one or more genes, as per EXPRESS.

It means that blood at the right side of Taylor's heart failed to pump properly around his body. This scenario could cause abnormal rhythms in the heart.

This rare heart condition is progressive, which means that it could get worst when not treated properly. And when the condition gets worst, it could lead to sudden death, as further discussed by EXPRESS.

Thorough research became a key factor in discovering those faulty genes that cause inherited heart condition. This has led to the creation of structured genetic testing services for those patients at the highest risk of obtaining inherited gene condition from faulty genes.

However, the British Heart Foundation says that more research is needed as soon as possible. Prof Sir Nilesh Samani, BHF medical director, urged that they need more funds for these kinds of research. The funds will be use for the better understanding of these heart conditions, develop treatments and save more lives.

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