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Donald Trump's Handwriting Reveals A Lot About His Personality

Update Date: Feb 03, 2017 09:00 AM EST

Graphology is the study of character and personality through the analysis of pen stroke formations that are used in handwriting. It can potentially interpret a person's personality and it is usually used in psychological assessments.

Experts revealed Donald Trump's mental health status by using graphology as they read the curves and strokes of his handwriting. It was recently revealed that president-elect, Donald Trump's handwriting reveals a lot about his personality and his mental health as per Independent.

Daily Mail released a breakdown of Donald Trump's handwriting interpretation using graphology. Experts based their interpretation using Trump's handwritten letters and an executive order. An infographic released by the National Pen Company did a break down in regards to Donald Trump's handwriting affects his persona. His handwriting, which is usually all caps, revealed a lot about his personality.


Donald Trump's handwriting which is usually all caps reveals that he has an outgoing personality. Large letters would usually suggest an outgoing personality who loves attention. It also screams of boldness as people who would usually use large letters are more likely to pretend that they are confident.


Slant handwriting reveals that the person would want to work behind the scenes. Slants to the left also reveal that the person would usually keep thing with himself.

The Spacing

Donald Trump's handwriting exhibits narrow spacing which means that he loves to be in a crowd and potentially has an extroverted personality. It was mentioned that he loves to be in a crown and have an intrusive personality.

Understanding Pointed Letter

His letters are not rounded, which means he writes with a pointed stroke. Pointed letters indicate curiosity, aggressiveness, and intelligence.

Dark Heavy Pressure

Donald Trump's handwriting exhibited highly pressured stokes, which results to heavy and dark handwriting. Heavy pressure indicates high energy levels which can lead to the writer being uptight and someone who quickly responds to criticism in a negative way.

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