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Psychologists Explain That Talking To Yourself Is Perfectly Healthy

Update Date: Jan 31, 2017 08:53 PM EST

Self-talk may seem unnatural and odd, but studies suggest that it's perfectly normal. Having an argument with one's self is something that most people would find disturbing, but researchers suggest that it is actually a sign of intelligence.

Most people would think that talking to yourself is the fist sign of madness, but contrary to what everyone thinks, self-talk is perfectly normal and can be classified as a sign of intelligence. Professor Molly Andrews, from the University of East London, opens up about the real deal behind self-talk and how it impacts one's mental health according to Daily Mail.

During her interview with Woman's Hour, Professor Andrews explained that talking to yourself is perfectly healthy. She emphasized that self-talks can be considered as an outlet of alleviate one's loneliness and strengthen one's decision-making skills.

Professor Andrews then added that self-talk is prominent among women. She then explained the unique trait of human beings stating that self-talk is far from madness as it can be a daydream or something that keeps you motivated.

"I don't think it's mad to talk to yourself, we do it all the time," Andrews stated. "We're unique in the animal kingdom in being able to imagine. Far from it being a source of madness, it actually gives us the ability to think about other worlds. It's critical in what it means to be human."

Life Hack also published another study involving self-talks headed by a psychologist, Gary Lupyan. It was mentioned that he did a mini experiment with 20 volunteers wherein they were asked to do grocery shopping and remember the items visually. Half of them were asked to repeat the object, while the other had remained silent.

The study came into conclusion that those who recalled the objects through speech were able to find the objects compared to their peers. This being said, the study came into conclusion that talking to yourself is perfectly healthy and can even be tagged as a sign of intelligence.

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