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Researchers Explain Why It's Hard To Change Someone's Political Beliefs

Update Date: Jan 26, 2017 08:20 AM EST

Having one's beliefs bent for some reason may take time, but it is not impossible. Researchers came to the conclusion that having one's non-political beliefs' altered is definitely doable compared to one's political stand.

One's political opinion is often subjective as it can sometimes be triggered by the individual's wants, needs, and preference. Political beliefs are not correlated to an individual's intelligence or the quality of information one can acquire regarding the subject.

A research was done in regards to the individual's capability of changing his/her mind when it comes to politics.

Vox reported that one of the hardest things to alter is the individual's political stand. It was then added that people are more open to changing their minds when it comes to non-political issues. One of the angles being pointed out in regards to the stubbornness of political beliefs is the fact that it can come up with a strong support group with supporters that share the same vision.

"The brain's primary responsibility is to take care of the body, to protect the body," Jonas Kaplan, a psychologist at the University of Southern California told Vox. "The psychological self is the brain's extension of that. When our self-feels attacked, our [brain is] going to bring to bear the same defenses that it has for protecting the body."

The limited study explored the rationale in regards to one's strong attachment when it comes to political beliefs. Their study that was published in Scientific Reports focused on the participants' MIR reaction where in it was mentioned that those with strong beliefs exhibit negative emotions when their beliefs were questioned. It was then added that their brain actions correspond with self-identity when it comes to politics related topics.

Though more studies need to be done in regards to the brain's reaction towards politics, Kaplan mentioned that people are still bound to change their opinions. It was then mentioned that one should be aware that who they are and what they believe should be two separate things.

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