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'Logan' Trailer Pits X-23 Against Donald Pierce & Possible Reavers, Professor X Drops A Huge F-Bomb [SPOILERS]

Update Date: Jan 20, 2017 07:50 AM EST

The final "Logan" trailer has finally been unveiled and fans can now get a glimpse at just how amazing little Laura will be in the Hugh Jackman film. The teaser shows a lot more of the young X-23 in action, pitting the Wolverine clone against Donald Pierce and what could be the future Reavers.

There are so many awesome X-23 highlights in the final "Logan" trailer, but that doesn't mean Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart didn't try to steal the scenes. In addition to the former Wolverine actually browsing through an "X-Men" comic book, Professor X drops an F-bomb and reveals his true age.

The final "Logan" trailer offers more footage of Donald Pierce and what looks like possible Reavers confronting Hugh Jackman's character to claim Laura. However, the little girl makes it clear she doesn't want to go with them by decapitating one of Pierce's men and threatening him with her claws. This is the first glimpse at X-23 in action as she tears into the men with speed the older Wolverine would envy.

It certainly looks like "Logan" would get downright bloody, thanks to the unpredictable X-23. However, the trailer also shows some of the humor in the film. Logan finds an "X-Men" comic book featuring the yellow-suited Wolverine and comments that most of it actually happens "but not like this." The final "Logan" trailer then concludes with Professor X dropping an F-bomb to drive in the fact that he is already 90 years old.

Fans who feel like the final "Logan" trailer may have given away too much will be glad to know that it only hints on a small part of the film. According to io9, the teaser may have only covered the first 40 minutes of the movie, so expect plenty of action courtesy of X-23 and Donald Pierce's future Reavers. "Logan" will premiere on March 1.

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