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Using Cellphones During Exercise Reduces Workout Intensity, May Lead To Posture Instability

Update Date: Jan 16, 2017 08:04 PM EST

The use of cellphones, regardless of time and place, is prevalent in most societies. However, a recent study shows that the use of cellphones during one's exercise routine reduces the workout intensity and could lead to posture instability among other physical risks.

The study conducted by researchers from Hiram College under the leadership of assistant professor, Michael Rebold, reveals that talking or texting on a cellphone during one's workout reduces the intensity of the workout. Multitasking, as in using your cellphone while working out, is also a factor that negatively affects the person particularly the person's posture stability and balance.

While doing an exercise, a distracted mind would most increase the risk of accidents and fall. Musculoskeletal injuries can also be sustained during workouts especially when the person is distracted with using his or her cellphone during a workout.

The study, published in Performance Enhancement and Health, examined forty-five college students who were asked to do their exercise routine while using their cellphones and whose postural stability were assessed. During the stability test, the students were asked to complete three sets of exercises while doing the talking, texting, listening to music on their phones.

Twenty seconds were appropriated for each condition with a ten-second rest interval in between sets and a five-minute interval between each condition.

The study found that texting during workouts increases postural instability by 45 percent. Talking on the phone during workout increases postural instability by 19 percent while there was no significant impact when the person listens to music from their phones during the workout.

In addition, distractions during one's workout increase the risk of falling and musculoskeletal injuries. The intensity of the workout also decreases thereby reducing the effect of the workout to the body.

Researchers recommend focusing on doing one thing at a time to reduce negative impacts on both the mind and body. But adds that listening to music from your phones while workout has no negative impacts on posture stability and could also help set the mood and even intensifies one's workouts.

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