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Check Out This Fork That Will Help People Lose Weight

Update Date: Jan 05, 2017 06:41 PM EST

Even after eating healthy or doing exercise regularly, there are still factors that prevent a person from losing weight, and one of these include how most people eat the wrong way. Eating the right way entails chewing food slowly and one company in France has developed a fork that not only will teach people how to eat right but also helps in losing weight.

HAPIFork And 10S Fork

The fork that will help people lose weight was first introduced in 2013 by the French company Slow Control and is called the HAPIFork. A year later, a new and improved version of the HAPIFork called the 10S Fork was released in the market. Both forks were developed to promote the proper way of eating, which is slow eating.

The HAPIFork and 10S Fork are both electronic forks that monitor how fast and how much the user is eating. The forks vibrate and light up when the user eats too fast. It also monitors and measures how fast and how much the user is eating.

By measuring the "fork serving" or every time a person brings food from the plate to the mouth using the fork, HAPIFork and 10S Fork can monitor and measure how long finished a mean, how many "fork servings" in a minute, and how long between "fork servings".

The information is then relayed through the micro-USB and Bluetooth components of the forks. Through the Slow Control dashboard, the user can then monitor and track his or her "fork servings" and eating behavior. HAPIFork and the 10S Fork also has a coaching companion to help users develop the right way of eating.

Eating Slowly Is The Right Way To Eat

The primary goal of the HAPIFork and 10S Fork is to promote the right way of eating. According to various studies, the right way of eating is to eat slowly. By eating slowly, not only will people lose weight, but it will help anyone feel less fatigued and stressed.

People can also savor the flavors of the food more and experience an improvement in digestion, better nutrient absorption, and healther teeth. This is because it takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive signals that relay that the person is eating and the necessary amount of nutrients are absorbed from the food consumed. The brain then updates and sends back the necessary information that affects the satiety or how full a person is.

So by slowly eating, the faster a person feels full or satiated, the less a person eats. Slow Control boasts that in a month of using the HAPIFork or the 10S Fork, their users can lose to at most 9 pounds in a month and consume 11% fewer calories.

No one really needs to buy an HAPIFork or a 10S Fork to lose weight but with these gadgets, it starts the habit of eating the right way. Adding proper and regular exercises and eating healthily, people can easily shed pounds gained through the holidays!

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