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Weight Loss Tip: Beans And Peas Are More Filling Than Meat; Leads To Low Calorie Intake

Update Date: Jan 12, 2017 11:51 AM EST

One of the many concerns that trouble people is the hardship of losing and maintaining one's weight. A recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen adds to the growing number of weight loss tips. Their study found that legumes like beans and peas are more filling than meat thus leading to low calorie intake.

The study, published in the journal Food & Nutrition, examined the effect of vegetable protein to a person's feeling of fullness or satiety. A cross-meal test of forty-three healthy, normal-weight young men was conducted. The men were served three different protein-rich meals on a test day. The three meals are either high protein based meal on veal and pork meat(HP-Meat), high protein based meal on legumes (beans and peas) (HP-Legumes) or low protein based meal(LP-Legumes).

All of the meals were composed of same sized oven-baked patties made of veal and pork or fava beans, or split peas, or mash potatoes, or a combination of the two. Sensations of fullness were recorded after the meal was taken, after half an hour and until three hours after the meal.

The result of the study found that consuming high protein0based meal on legumes show a higher feeling of fullness or satiety compared to the high protein based meal on veal and pork. The higher feeling of fullness also resulted to the young men consuming 12 percent fewer calories on their next meal even if the meal was a high protein based meal on veal and pork.

The researchers explained that the higher feeling of fullness experienced by eating the high protein based meal on legumes can be attributed to the high fiber content in the meal itself. The higher feeling of fullness, in the long run, contributes to and instigates weight loss.

In addition, protein from vegetable sources is more sustainable and earth-friendly compared to protein from animal sources.

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