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Modafinil; Sleep Disorder Drug Helps In Weight Loss, Study Says [VIDEO]

Update Date: Dec 16, 2016 11:42 AM EST

Dieters, weight and fitness enthusiasts will surely be happy with the new discovery of experts that a sleep disorder drug actually helps with weight loss. Ivo Vlaev, a Professor from University of Warick in Britain, says that Modafinil is already available on the market and helps reducing impulsive behavior.

Vlaev's team are scientists from Warwick Business School, consisting or Ara Darzi, Myutan Kulendran, Colin Sugden and Laura Windfield, of Imperial College London. The team discovered that Modafinil, is approved by FDA and known to treat narcolepsy, helps alleviating excessive daytime sleepiness and work disorder, can lessen food addiction and impulsivity, News18 reported.

One significant factor that contributes to food addiction is impulsive behavior.

When palatable foods are consumed it raises dopamine levels (DA) in the reward/pleasure region of the brain that rejects the desire to eat more. Although. Food addictions have been discovered to have lack of a certain form of this neurotransmitter, eliminating their sense of pleasure and reward, as an outcome of that these people need to eat more to get the wanted level of reward.

This could have vital repercussions for people who are obese.

Modafinil is sold in different brand names all over the world; Atomoxetine is among of those drugs tested by Vlaev's team. Atomoxetine has been used for ADHD, another form of impulsive conditions.

Experts performed a series of tests on 60 men between the ages of 19 and 32 taking 20 Atomoxetine , 20 Modafinil and a placebo group. The study proved that those who had Modafinil had a notable decrease in impulsiveness level, while there is no disparity between those who are in the placebo group and Atomoxetine, Healthnewsline reported.

"Modafinil was found to have an effect on impulsivity in healthy individuals and so would be able to have an even bigger effect on food addicts, who are lacking in certain types of dopamine," Vlaev said.

This could be good news to those who want to lose weight and treat their impulsiveness. Watch the video below if you want to learn more about Modafinil.

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