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Ditch The Myth! Full Fat Dairy Diet May Actually Save you From Heart Disease

Update Date: Dec 16, 2016 07:28 AM EST

Here's a good news for all dairy lovers who feel guilty after indulging in the sinful goodness of cheese and other dairy products. Recent studies at the University of Bergen in Norway revealed that, a naturally high fat diet consisting of Cheese, Milk, yogurt, Cream and butter do not significantly increase the harmful level of cholesterol in the body as long as the amount of Carbohydrates consumed is also limited.

In addition, reports gathered by The Independent about the research also showed that the human body can stand perfectly well using fats as one of the main energy sources. Dr. Samuel Dankel, leader of the research quoted that, also stated that there is a very high positive metabolic response to people who consumed high saturated fats when it comes to losing weight. He added that there is no significant difference if a person bases his diet on either full carbohydrates or full fat, Independent UK reported.

To support Dr. Dankel's study, a Published study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also revealed that overweight middle aged-men who consumed a high saturated fat and low carbohydrate diet significantly lost weight. If that news is good enough for you, then here's an even greater news. Another research shows that people who ate the most full fat dairy products have lesser chances of getting Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, Type II Diabetes and other Cardio Vascular Diseases, Daily Mail reported.

So go ahead, indulge in that creamy yogurt, cream cheese and sour cream that you have been craving for. For all you know, this could save be your life saver.

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