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What To Know About Autism-Spectrum Disorders?

Update Date: Dec 16, 2016 07:25 AM EST

Autism-spectrum disorder and Psychosis define

National Institute of Mental Health defines ASD as "the disorder in the name for a group of developmental disorders. While they define psychosis as the "conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality."


Diametric differences revealed in the brain from scanning that mentalism recruits different circuits in the brain by comparison to mechanistic cognition. Now, autism-spectrum disorder is highly recognized because of this new discovery.

First of all, we need to understand what is the aim of this study? It is done to investigate the brain anatomy of autistic or people with autism-spectrum disorder with and without psychosis.

The process of the experiments

The experiments were done with 30 adults with the autism-spectrum disorder. Ages from 18-59. 16 of them have a history of psychosis 14 with. Also included 16 healthy control male from the local general population. With the use of Vivo magnetic resonance imaging, they did the test.

The results of the experiments/test

Both autism-spectrum disorder groups had very obvious less gray matter bilaterally in the temporal lobes and the cerebellum, that is compared with the controls. In contrast, you will notice the increase of the gray matter in striatal regions, UCLA reported.

Although, the occipital and frontal areas of those with the said disorder had a notable reduction in gray matter elements too. The test showed that the autism-spectrum disorder was related to less in the gray matter of the bilateral and insular context in the cerebellum to the lingual gyrus and fusiform gyrus, University of Rochester reported.

The conclusion of the experiments/test

In the experiments/test conducted, they found out that the presence of neurodevelopment abnormalities usually come with autism-spectrum disorder might be shown an alternative entry-point into a final common pathway of psychosis.

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