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Family Discovers ‘Deadly’ Spiders Hiding in Banana

Update Date: Nov 07, 2013 09:42 AM EST

A young family recently discovered the world’s deadliest spiders that were lurking in a bunch of bananas form Sainsbury’s. They were forced to live out of their houses for three days.

The family sent the photograph of the insects to pest control experts. Experts believed initially it was Brazillian Wondering spiders which are the world’s most venomous types. Their bite can kill within two hours.

After the Brazilian species invaded their home, they were forced to stay in hotel for three nights. But then their house was fumigated and deep-cleaned.

She had taken the fruit from a £1 bunch of Colombian Fair Trade bananas bought in her local Sainsbury’s, and eaten about half when she noticed the 3mm-long dots that resembled mould or bruising, reported Daily Mail.

‘I screamed, it was horrible,’ she said according to Daily Mail. ‘I’m scared of spiders anyway so I had to get a friend to come round to hoover them up. Then we cleaned the floor with anti-bacterial wipes.’

Sainsbury’s, from where she brought the bananas, gave a £10 voucher when she returned the fruit. She insisted officials on identifying those spiders instead.

When she sent the picture of the creatures to the pest control company they immediately termed them as lethal. The company also warned the family that there must be some more hiding inside the house.

The spiders identified are the most toxic spider on earth according to Guinness World Records. Spider’s venoms is 30 times more powerful than the rattlesnake. Those who suffer bitten by one can suffer an irregular heartbeat, vomiting, high blood pressure and subsequent death.

The spiders are named ‘phoneutria nigriventer’ which means ‘murderess’ in Greek.

“The pest control people said every living thing in our house is now dead, but I’m still terrified one is still alive. I’d never heard of Brazilian wandering spiders before all this and I can’t imagine what it would be like facing a fully grown one. I was trembling and shaking inside when I found out what they can do to you. We kill every spider we see in the house now,” added Consi Taylor, according to Daily Mail.

“We used to use a postcard and paper cup and carry them outside and put them in the garden, but we’re killing them all now for our safety and sanity. I still like bananas very much, but I can’t put my hand near them in the shop any more, so my husband has to buy them for me now.”

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