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$400 Toothbrush Promises to Clean Teeth Extra Thoroughly

Update Date: Oct 02, 2013 02:03 PM EDT

Cleaning teeth is a daily routine that people should be accustomed to. Even though maintaining a good dental hygiene only takes up roughly four minutes every day, people still tend to rush, which leaves teeth not as clean as they should be. Poorly cleaned teeth can lead to dental issues and unwanted bills. Fortunately for people who are careless about brushing their teeth, there is a new toothbrush on the market that promises to clean the teeth extra thoroughly. However, this new toothbrush will set them back $400.

"Because you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, you are brushing extremely quickly," the company said according to BBC News. "You brush all the difficult-to-reach and interdental regions without even having to think about it."

This new toothbrush created by Blizzident eliminates brushing errors that people make when they rush, brush too hard or spend too little time cleaning their teeth. Each toothbrush will be custom fitted using the same scans that dentists use when fitting people for braces. The toothbrush will also be created with unique brushes using a three-dimensional printer.

The product, which looks more like a mouth guard, sits along the gum line at a 45-degree angle. It requires the user to grind his or her teeth 10 to 15 times, which takes about six seconds. When the user bites down, the device vibrates and jiggles upwards and downwards using circular movements to clean. The nearly 400 soft bristles promises to clean the teeth more thoroughly than the standard toothbrush.

Since the product uses a lot of technology to specialize each brush, the set price is $405 for the first toothbrush, which can last up to one year. By the one-year mark, users will need to replace the brush for $100. Critics of this new product are worried about the safety behind the technology. So far, not enough information has been provided regarding the safety behind this toothbrush.

Whether or not this toothbrush will sell depends greatly on people's willingness to fork over a couple hundreds of dollars to cut cleaning time from four minutes to just a few seconds. 

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