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"Pregnant" Boy Gives Birth To His Twin in China

Update Date: Oct 01, 2013 02:04 PM EDT

A "pregnant" two-year-old boy in China has given "birth" after surgeons successfully removed his parasitic twin from inside his stomach.

Xiao Feng from Huaxi in Jiangsu province was taken to the hospital after his stomach had ballooned so large that he started suffering breathing problems, according to the Daily Mail.

After undergoing X-rays and MRI scans, doctors found that the toddler was carrying an underdeveloped fetus of his twin inside his stomach.

Xiao Feng was rushed to the operating table where doctors successfully removed a 20cm fetus with fully formed spin and limbs from his stomach.

Doctors said that the parasitic twin, which would have developed into a boy, had taken up almost two-thirds of Xiao Feng's stomach.

Conjoined twins or foetus-in-foetu siblings occur when fertilized eggs fail to fully separate. While some conjoined twins can survive as "parasites", they cannot when one twin absorbs the other.

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