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Going to the Gym Could Lead to Weight Gain, Poll Finds

Update Date: Sep 25, 2013 03:04 PM EDT

When people sign up for the gym, their goals are usually to lose weight or maintain a healthy one. Even though people might have high hopes after joining the gym, surveys have recently found that simply going to the gym does not lead to weight loss but rather, it could lead to unwanted weight gain. In this new poll conducted by the diet company, Forza Supplements, the survey revealed that around a quarter of new gym users gained weight due to the consumption of snacks after workouts.

This poll surveyed 1,000 gym goers about their dietary habits and gym routines. On the up side, the interviewers found that 27 percent of the gym goers were successful in losing weight. Another 49 percent reported that their weights remained unchanged after going to the gym. On the downside, however, researchers found that 26 percent of new gym users actually gained weight after they joined. The researchers found that a lot of the people felt a sense of complacency after working out, which could influence them to eat more after their gym sessions.

The poll also found that the interviewees that were the most fit went to the gym around three to four times a week. These people exercised an average of 40 to 60 minutes during each session. The researchers reported that 40 percent of gym users burned between 300 and 500 calories during each visit. Around 25 percent of gym users only burned between 200 and 300 calories. 10 percent of people burned 100 to 200 calories with four percent burning less than 100 calories.

The researchers noted that over one-third of the gym users treated themselves to a snack after their workouts. The most popular snacks were chocolate bars and wine. The researchers reasoned that even if people were not treating themselves after a good workout, their bodies might be signaling them to eat. 53 percent of the gym users reported having bigger appetites since joining.

"Battling the bulge is the toughest thing many of us do," the managing director of Forza Supplements, Lee Smith said. "Lots of people go the gym because they know they have no control over their eating habits. [They figure] 'I am going to pig out anyway so I may well do my best to limit the damage.' Many gym goers underestimate the level of exercise the need to do to shift fat."

The poll reveals that exercising alone will not lead to weight loss unless a good diet plan is also followed. 

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