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Six-Year-Old Will Get Eye Implants After His Eyes were Gouged out

Update Date: Sep 10, 2013 09:34 AM EDT

The ability to see and experience the world through one's eyes is one of the many ways that young children learn about life. For a six-year-old boy from China, however, his eyesight and his eyes were literally taken away from him. According to officials, the child had his eyes gouged out by an attacker. Now, the young boy will start a long and arduous process to get eye implants. The implants, unfortunately, will not repair his vision.

After hearing about the attack, an eye doctor from Hong Kong has volunteered his services to help give the boy implants. Dr. Dennis Lam Shun-Chiu will conduct the surgery at his private hospital, the Dennis Lam Eye Hospital located in Shenzhen of southern China. The implants are only the first step for the young child named Guo Bin, nicknamed Bin Bin. After the implants are placed, Bin Bin will get prosthetic eyes that will closely resemble real eyes. The prosthetic eyes, however, will not return vision to the boy. The doctors also plan on fitting the boy with navigation sensors, which would help Bin Bin move around much easier in his own space.

"As his parents, we are full of hope," said Bin Bin's father, Guo Zhi Ping according to Medical Xpress. "We have yet to tell him that his vision would be lost forever."

According to the local police from Shanxi, which is Bin Bin's home province, the attacker might have been his own aunt. The police suspected that the aunt had gauged his eyes out on Aug. 24, but the police do not have a single motive at all. The aunt has since committed suicide. Family relatives have expressed that they do not believe the aunt was capable of such a horrific attack on a young child. Regardless of the attack, Bin Bin and his family will try to move forward as they have travelled to Shenzhen and begin surgery.

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