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Dining Fork Found in 70-Year-Old's Penis

Update Date: Aug 20, 2013 06:00 AM EDT

Kinky sex can be dangerous. Just ask doctors who removed a 4-inch long fork from inside a man's penis earlier this month.

The 70-year-old Australian patient had apparently inserted a steel dining fork into his urethra for "sexual gratification".  However, his sexual adventure backfired when the fork got stuck and left him in excruciating pain. Nonetheless, it took the man 12 hours to work up the courage to seek medical attention.

According to the case study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the man had shoved the fork so far up his urethra that it was not visible outside the penis.

The study reveals that once the fork had been found, "multiple retrieval methods were contemplated with success achieved via forceps traction and copious lubrication."

Doctors at Canberra Hospital's Emergency Department put the patient under anesthesia, extracted the fork and sent the patient home with no long-term damage.

"The motives for insertion of a variety of objects are difficult to comprehend," doctors wrote in the study, which was titled 'An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body.' "This case warrants discussion given the great management challenge faced by the oddity and infrequency with which a fork is encountered in the penile urethra."

While it is rare to find foreign objects lodged in the lower urinary tract, researchers said many unexpected items have been extracted from other parts of the body.

Other objects that have been found inside the human body include, pencils, needles, toothbrushes, light bulbs, marbles, plastic cups, thermometers, animal parts, telephone cables, plants and vegetables.

"With the infrequency in which a fork is encountered, there lacks sufficient information to evaluate and compare varying treatment modalities," researchers wrote.

Inserting objects into the penis can be very dangerous.  Because most embarrassed patients tend to try to remove the object themselves, they can put themselves at risk for more injury, foreign body migration, sepsis and death. 

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