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Florida Man Allegedly Murders Wife, Posts Picture on Facebook

Update Date: Aug 09, 2013 09:31 AM EDT

People use Facebook for multiple reasons such as reconnecting with old friends or updating one's relationship status for others to see. Although Facebook is mainly a social connection website, for one particular Floridian man, it was a place where he could confess. His confession? He murdered his wife.

26-year-old Derek Medina from South Miami posted a photograph of his deceased wife, also 26-year-old. Under the gruesome photograph, Medina had written that he would no longer tolerate the abuse from Jennifer Alfonso. From the affidavit, Medina had stated that an argument broke out in the bedroom. It got heated to the point where Medina decided to arm himself with a gun. Soon after, Alfonso told Medina that she wanted to leave him. The argument then travelled to the kitchen where Medina stated that his wife started to punch him. She had decided to arm herself with a knife but Medina was able to disarm her. However, after some more punching, Medina ended the physical argument by shooting her to death.

According to Fox News, Medina had written under the photograph, "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys, miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news." Medina's Facebook page has since been taken down.

The photograph revealed Alfonso lying on the floor with her knees buckled. Her legs, which were in black leotards, were bent to the side and her body was covered in blood. The photograph remained on Facebook for over five hours until it was finally removed. Although the couple's neighbor was shocked about the shooting, other people who knew Medina a little bit better were not as surprised. According to Alfonso's former employer, Medina was an extremely jealous man. The wife's former employer believed that Medina had hit Alfonso numerous times in the past due to the fact that she had bruises. Other co-workers also reported several occasions where Medina became violent. They stated that they had encouraged Alfonso to leave her husband, but no words could persuade her mind.

Medina, who stands at six-foot and weighs 200-pounds, has been charged with first-degree murder. At the time of the killing, the couple's only daughter, who is just 10-years-old was upstairs and was not harmed at all. According to public records, Medina and Alfonso were married in January 2010. They were divorced two years later in February 2012 but remarried after three months. 

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