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Sex in the Car? Nearly 50 Percent Says They Have Done it

Update Date: Jul 27, 2013 11:10 AM EDT

Sex has always been an interesting topic to research. Not only does sex exist for reproduction, it can also be a huge factor in a person's social life and mental state. Several studies have found that having a healthy and active sex life can improve the quality of a relationship. On top of that, discussing one's sex life can also be vital in maintaining health. Other studies have found that people who have sexually transmitted infections might not seek medical care right away due to embarrassment. Based on these findings, getting people to be more open about sex and making people less bashful about the act could improve overall health.  In a new study, researchers decided to add on to the open discussion regarding sex by identifying where people liked to have sex.

In this survey done in Britain by the car manufacturer, BBA Reman, the researchers focused on whether or not British people had sex in cars. They interviewed 2,013 adults and surprisingly found that 49 percent of the people polled reported having sex at least once during their lifetime in a car. The average amount of times was five. The researchers identified the age group of 35 to 55 as the group that is most likely to get frisky in a vehicle with 59 percent of them admitting to the act. For the age group of 18 to 34, the rate fell to 38 percent. Overall, only 17 percent stated that the vehicle was in motion during their sexual acts.

"We all remember what it was like to be young and in love, but with very little privacy or places to be alone with a partner," the founder of BBA Reman, Chris Swan said.

Not only did the survey find statistics behind the frequency of having sex in a car, it also identified the most popular car models. The researchers reported that smaller cars were ironically more popular than larger cars. The most popular model was the Ford Fiesta with 29 percent of people reported having sex in one of them. Volkswagon Golf took second place with 27 percent and Vauxhall Corsa was third with 23 percent. The researchers found that the most popular location to have sex while in the car was in front of a viewpoint (37 percent). The second most popular spot was at a car park (29 percent) followed by a driveway (22 percent).

"It seems that the high number of older adults admitting to engaging in sexual activities in their cars highlights a generation gap. Nowadays it is much more acceptable for younger unmarried couples to share a bed compared to twenty or thirty years ago when they had to sneak way for some fun," Swan added. "They say that Britain is a nation of prudes, well I think I can safely say our research disproves that theory!"

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